Exciting week for the HCL portfolio in the Netherlands

Next week looks like it will be an exciting week for everyone in the Netherlands (and surrounding countries) that loves the HCL Collaboration products as much as I do. Of course on Tuesday the Engage conference will start in Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem. This 2-day conference looks like it will be an exciting one as HCL should finally be able to share their future vision for the products in more detail. Before the conference on Monday there will be workshops by HCL and business partners. HCL’s workshops will cover HCL Volt and the Connections Component pack installation. Business partners will talk about modernizing the Notes Client, all new items in Notes 11 and integration of the HCL Collaborations software with Office365. Even though registration for the workshops is through the Engage site, you don’t have to visit Engage to go to the workshops on Monday and there are still some spots left for the workshops. Unlike Engage this year, the workshops are free.

If you don’t have time for a 2-day conference and were too late to register for the HCL Volt workshop, you got another chance though. E-office is organising a roundtable session on the 6th of March so next week Friday. In that event you will get a summary of all the important news from HCL on HCL Notes/Domino and HCL Connections from Engage brought to you by (Associate Vice President Product management Connections) and Andrew Manby (Senior Executive Product Management Domino) together with e-office’s 2 HCL Masters (Remco Angioni and myself). In the afternoon, Andrew will do a workshop on HCL Volt. If you’re interested you can register here.

In the past weeks I’ve been building a new demo environment for e-office for this roundtable session which includes Domino 11 with Domino Volt and Connections 6.5 with the component pack. Can’t talk too much about Volt yet, but getting my hands dirty on a brand new Connections installation means a lot of upcoming blog articles again :-).