Java 8 support for TDI in Connections

At the end of last year, I was asked by a customer if I could update the Java engine of TDI/SDI to Java 8. They wanted to get rid of all older Java versions. I had to reply that the TDI Solutions directory that comes with Connections didn’t support Java versions > Java 7. Therefore an update was not possible.

In the case that was opened for this question, HCL promised to look into an updated TDI Solutions directory to support Java 8 and at the end of this year, they delivered. You can now update SDI (the new name of TDI since version 7.2) to Fix Pack 7 and install a Java 8 JRE. One caveat, you can’t use the Population Wizard any more if you do this, but I didn’t really use this wizard anyway, so that’s a relatively small price to pay.