I’m presenting at Engage 2023

I’m happy to announce that I will be a speaker at the Engage conference in Amsterdam this spring. My session’s details:
Ad11. Getting the most out of the Domino Certificate Manager using DNS Configuration documents
Wednesday, April 26 | 11:30 – 12:30 | C. Husly Lounge
Abstract: With the arrival of the Certificate Manager in Domino 12, creating your server certificates became a fun and easy process. Out-of-the-box functionality allows you to use LetsEncrypt certificates for all your servers and websites. But what if you want to create a wildcard certificate or if your server isn’t accessible from the Internet? That’s where DNS Provider and configuration documents come in. These documents need a bit of programming, though. In this session you will learn how to create a DNS Configuration document for your hosting provider, how to use a challenge alias instead and how to use the Certificate Store as the central source for all certificates in your company, including those of Apache/Nginx and IBM HTTP Server.

I’m very excited about this session. I’ve had a lot of fun writing DNS configurations for various customers in the past year. For me, this journey started during the beta period of Domino 12, when this functionality solved a problem I had in my own environment for years. I described this here. An hour should be enough to show how to start writing your own DNS configurations, but I will also show how you can avoid writing those through using a CNAME delegation record and DNS providers that were already written by others. This is highly useful in companies where Domino administrators aren’t authorised to make changes in DNS.

It might not be my only session at Engage. My other session proposal, Domino Containers – The Next Step, is on the “reserve” list. If another speaker for a similar track and audience won’t be able to make it for whatever reason, my session will replace it. This session is supposed to be a successor to last year’s session about Domino containers. It will show what’s new in the Domino container project and show the answer to a couple of questions I got last year, and which led to actual new developments in the project. For example, Domino containers on Windows and partitioned Domino container servers. There will be at least one session about Domino containers during Engage, as Heather Hottenstein and Petr Kunc will present a session on HCL Domino on Kubernetes.

I will be at the conference site from Monday till Wednesday. If you planned time around the conference to spend in Amsterdam, I might be able to give you some tips. I live part-time in Amsterdam and my girlfriend is a private tour guide, who can make your Amsterdam experience unforgettable. I hope to see you in Amsterdam!