I’m presenting at Engage in Bruges!

In the past years, Engage has become *the* event to be for anyone who’s working with the HCL Digital Solution portfolio in Europe. Great speakers, highly informative sessions, fantastic venues and a wonderful atmosphere have been the key characteristics of the Engage events. It was the last live conference I visited in March 2020 and it will be the first live conference since then that I’ll visit.

This year, Engage will be in Bruges, Belgium from 23 to the 25th of May and I’m proud to announce that this year, I will be a speaker at the event!

Last year, I wrote 6 articles on how to use Domino as a Linux container. Since then quite a bit has happened in this area as Daniel Nashed, the main contributor to the Domino as a container project, found some time in his busy schedule to completely rewrite the scripts, rebase the git repository and add new functionality. As Daniel has other sessions to give, I’ll be the one presenting on this subject showing Daniels new work, but also adding all my knowledge of working with Domino as a container. I will make clear that Domino as a container is ready to be used in production and that there are many advantages of using Domino as a Linux container in production. I’ll do that in an exciting demo for which I have a full schedule planned:

  • Building a Domino 12.0.1 image with FP1, Traveler, Volt, Verse and the C API
  • Building a server with this image
  • Converting an existing server to a Domino on Linux Container
  • Updating the OS of this server

It’s a lot for a session of just an hour, but I think I can make it while still giving lots of information. Currently testing if my laptop is fast enough. Fingers crossed!

Update: You can find the presentation here and the script I used for the demo here.